Why Use Alithos?

  • The Alithos service gives information that is objective, independent and reliable - all essential for credibility with both plan member and shareholders. 
  • Alithos calculations are used by some of the UK's leading companies, including  FTSE100 members. 
  • Care is taken to ensure that calculations precisely reflect the stipulations of plan rules, for instance whether dividends are reinvested on ex-dates or payment dates.  
  • The thresholds at which vesting takes place are expressed in share price terms as well as a percentage return, giving participants a target to which they can relate.  
  • An estimate of the current value of an award gives plan members a monetary figure on which to focus. This can be personalised to reflect the award made to each member. 
  • Results are clearly presented in reports suitable for distribution to both plan members and the remuneration commitee. These can be delivered as bound reports, pdf files or web pages to build into company intranets. 
  • Alithos has access to global data sources, so peer groups need not be restricted to UK companies. 
  • Fees are charged according to a fixed scale according to the number or performance periods covered and the frequency of reporting and so can be budgeted accurately.


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